Sunday, October 31, 2010

HUNGRY BUTTERFLY #2... Watercolor.

This is the second in my trial for a good butterfly for my little niece,
Am working on another so she can choose.
The painting was based on a photo that Kathryn took in her back yard, also I
just happened to have a real butterfly, I found in my yard.
They are so very remarkable.

Thanks for visiting my blog.


bugman1965 said...


I love it! The colors are brilliant! Of course I am partial to anything with flowers and nature. I just wish I could see it in person, what a treat! Thanks for sharing. I know I will be coming back to look at it frequently......maybe it will help the winter go by faster : ). I'm going to tell you again, I love your work!

Dawna said...

I LOVE the use of colors and how you placed your butterfly. Beautiful piece.

Kathryn Grider said...

Annabel is a lucky girl. This painting is absolutely gorgeous! I've seen it person and it is so beautiful....I swear the butterfly moves! great job Susie...your watercolors are wonderful, as are you.

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